Last day and the weather is not nice

Last day and the weather is not nice

Our last day in Provence and it’s raining.  And we all happily came down to our breakfast buffet this morning to discover that some other group has snuck into the hotel during the night and taken over our three tables!  We have no place to sit!  The hotel seems confused that there are two groups here and must think that the same group is sitting at our tables and there are no other tables set up to be used for groups and only a few tables set up to be used by individuals.  Three of us decide to be rebels and sit in the same room where the food is (previously, we had to walk into an adjacent room to get our food and then walk back to our table in the adjoining room).  For some reason, this seems to be a big No No to the staff and we are asked by several different staff members to move back into the riff raff room.  We explain patiently each time that there are not places for us to sit, nothing set up, no multiple tables for groups and that our tables have been hijacked.  The staff finally gives up and lets us sit in the privileged room.  Guess they were worried that we would eat too much food if we sat so close to it.

Bags out and on the bus and mine is going to tip the scales right at the allotted weight.  I repacked several times last night to make sure everything was well padded and all liquids where they should be and nothing would break.  My “woven basket” purse is providing a much needed extra space for my purchases.  I honestly can’t buy anything today though.

We’re off to Cassis where we were due to take a boat trip.  From past experience, our wise tour leader says we aren’t going to do this boat trip because she’s done it in weather like today and it’s miserable.  So instead, we are going to stop and have a wine tasting.  Well, I see nothing wrong with that!

The vineyard is small but well known and quite respected and has been in the family for generations, etc. etc. etc. and won many awards, etc. etc. etc.  We have a very nice tasting and many of us decide that we would like to purchase some wine.  An arrangement is made to ship it all to one place if we have at least 36 bottles.  There isn’t a problem coming up with that many.  Then it’s off the Cassis for our last stop which will just be a quick lunch before we must be on the bus back to the airport.  It is raining when we get there and steadily just gets soggier and soggier.  We have to take a small train down to the town because the bus can’t drive down there.  Luckily after lunch, I am with some ladies that know how to get back to the train because I would have missed the important turn.  As it was, four ladies did miss that turn and it took them a while to figure out how to find the train.  But all was well and we made it back to the airport in time to check into our flight and have time for any last minute duty free or snacking or whatever.

All told a very good trip to a very lovely part of France with a lot of wonderful history, shopping, eating, and companionship.  Always good traveling with the women’s group.Image

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